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Stage of the Russian Economy

The Russian economy is currently stagnating/contracting. A large investment, especially from a Chinese Conglomerate like yourself.

Interest Rate


Consumer Spending RUB

GDP Growth


Russia has a currently stagnating economy, at the end of the boom and the start of a contractions. Many economic indicators lead to the conclusion, which includes;

  • Lowering interest rates in the past year (short term)
  • GDP that seems to be peaking
  • GDP Growth also seems to be stagnating

However, consumer spending seems to have already dipped to its minimum point, and will likely increase in the future. As seen in the graph, a cycle for consumer spending typically resonate every year to 9 months. This is seen on the top-rightmost graph in the section above (Consumer Spending RUB).

These observations are only based off of short-term data. Overall, during the last 10 years, Russia’s economy has been steadily increasing, accounting for the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2008.